Barking Tube Station- the best communication option in East London

The main communication artery of Barking is a Barking Tube Station. It allows you to quickly reach almost any other part of London and it is of a vital importance for the locals as well for the tourists. It represents the best transportation option to reach almost any interesting place in the vicinity. It is situated near the Fanshawe Avenue, Longridge Road, and London Road and it makes it the perfect spot for communication with other parts of the city.

The tourists can use the Barking Tube station to reach various landmarks in the area as it combines subway, classic railroad, and bus communications. That makes it the cheapest and the most efficient way to reach nearby hotels, attractions, restaurants, and pubs. Additionally, the Barking Tube Station is only 17 minutes from the Upney Tube Station and 23 minutes from the East Ham Tube Station, which means you can easily connect to the other parts of the East London using it as a starting point.

The lines going from the Barking Tube Station can quickly lead you to Emirates AirLine. This is a cable car that allows you to cross the River Thames and provides a spectacular view from the bird’s perspective. Additionally, you can easily get to the Greenwich Pier with its famous attractions such as National Maritime Museum, Old Royal Naval College, and Royal Observatory. These are the must see places when visiting London and the Barking Tube Station is ideal starting point when you decide to visit them.

When it comes to places where you can stay and rest, there are a few great hotels nearby. The best choice would be Ibis Hotel. It is only 10 minutes from the station and it provides affordable yet high level service.

Also, there are various pubs and restaurants near Barking Tube Station and you can refresh there, and get to taste the authentic atmosphere of original British pubs. Having a pint or two is almost mandatory when visiting places like these.

There are several entertainment options near this station and you can easily reach them from here. The most notable ones are Stratford Picturehouse and Brick Lane Music Hall. As for the shopping, the Barking is quite famous for its commerce and trade and you will find more than enough shopping options in the vicinity of the station.

Those searching for the nightlife attractions will be also pleased to learn that there are some popular and entertaining places a few miles down the road. Finally, the vicinity of the Barking Tube Station also offers some popular meeting venues in case you are going there on a business trip.

All in all, the Barking Tube Station provides you with the means to reach all the interesting and important places in this part of London quickly, cheaply and efficiently. If you ever go to that part of the British capital city, you will find this station to be the main and the most important spot on the map.

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