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Hindu Temple near Barking

There is one large Hindu temple near Barking called Gurdwara Singh Sabha. It located walking distance from Barking Station. If you click on the name of the Hindu temples listed below you will be redirected to their websites. The first one (more…)...
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Mosques in Barking and Dagenham

Looking for mosques in Barking and Dagenham? There is one large mosque in Barking. For more information about them please click on the name of the mosque listed below. The Al Madina Mosque has a fantastic and very informative website so we strongly encourage those interested ones to click and visit their website. (more…)...
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Churches in Barking and Dagenham

The Barking Tube Station allows a rather easy access to various religious objects, as well as pubs, restaurants, offices and markets. Below you can see the list of such places and their addresses.

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