Piano Removals Barking

If you are thinking of moving a piano by yourself, then you should stop first and think about if you have the capacity to complete the task safely and without causing damage. Moving pianos is an incredibly delicate and tricky job to complete and it should really be attempted by removal experts only. It is probably best that you head online and search for piano removals in Barking before you decide to take on a task like this by yourself.


If however you have decided to handle the piano removal yourself, then the first thing you need to do is make sure that you have enough people on hand to help you. Moving a piano is certainly not a one person job and should be done with as many people on hand to assist as possible. You will probably need at least three people to take the top end of the piano if it is and upright model, as the majority of the weight is situated in the top half. The more people you can get that can handle the top end the better, as long as you make sure you have two people taking the bottom end.


Whilst having a lot of people to help you is a great boost, you also need to make sure that you have suitable equipment on hand to help you when it is necessary. Chances are you will probably need some form of straps that are built for moving heavy furniture like pianos. Pay a visit to your local DIY store and see if they have the equipment you want. If they are unable to provide what you are looking for, then you should head online and find exactly what you need. Having the right equipment is certainly not the area where you want to be cutting corners, so make sure that you shop around so then you get the right equipment for your job.


When it comes to the actual lifting of the piano, make sure you lay it down on its side first before you proceed. This is to avoid causing any damage to the legs, as they are the most delicate part of the entire piano casing. Lifting the piano by its legs is the last thing you should be doing, so it is best to lay it on its side so then you resist the temptation to do that.


Even though these are effective ways of making piano removal safe to perform, you should always search for piano removals Barking first before attempting it yourself.

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