Removal Companies in Barking and Dagenham

When you are looking for a removal companies in Barking, it is important that you shop around so then you find one that is able to suit all your needs. Fortunately, when it comes to removal services, they all tend to offer a set list of services that make them stand out from their competitors. Here is the list of removal companies in Barking and Dagenham area, and what they have to offer their customers.





The Man And Van London


 120 Longbridge Road, Barking, IG11 8SL

Telephone: 07730 797755


Man And Van London are one of the leading removal companies in the Barking and London area, and they pride themselves on providing a wide range of removal services. They are not only able to help you move your belongings to a new location, but they also offer an unpacking service to make the process of moving to a new location that little bit easier. They always aim to take as much of the responsibility of moving out of your hands so then you get great value for money and you don’t feel too stressed during the entire removal process.




Workhorse Transport


Barking, Greater London, IG11 8LT 

Telephone: 07903 436214

Workhorse Transport is designed to be a light removal and delivery service that is available seven days a week. They offer basic light deliveries from people’s homes and places of work, and they also assist people who are looking for something to be picked up from the airport. Workhouse Transport pride themselves with their personal approach, and they are always striving to treat every customer they have as a special case. They have 12 years of experience, and they are very proud to have a big list of customers who come back and use their services again.







J. Fisher Removals Ltd.


113 River Road, Barking, IG11 0EG

Telephone: 01268 565000

J. Fisher Removals Ltd is a family-run business that has been operating in Barking since 1930. Over their 80 years of existence, they have built up a good local reputation as being one of the best removal companies in Barking, and they pride themselves on providing a professional service seven days a week. They not only offer free estimates, but also offer the chance for an expert to visit the customer’s home first so then they can answer any questions they may have about their services. The surveyor they send to see customers also takes them through the whole packing process, so then they know what is entailed with the removal of every single item. They also provide their own selection of storage containers, so then customers are able to have all their removal services covered by one company. They also include insurance coverage with every single item that is loaded onto their removal vehicles.

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