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Barking Tube Station- the best communication option in East London

The main communication artery of Barking is a Barking Tube Station. It allows you to quickly reach almost any other part of London and it is of a vital importance for the locals as well for the tourists. It represents the best transportation option to reach almost any interesting place in the vicinity. It is situated near the Fanshawe Avenue, Longridge Road, and London Road and it makes it the perfect spot for communication with other parts of the city.

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Why did the house prices drop in Barking in 2008?

In 2008, house prices in Barking took a dive. This was due to the nationwide decline, which saw house prices falling by over ten per cent in some areas with the average price coming down to around £150,000. Of course this wasn’t a unique situation in the UK as the global financial crisis saw the once booming property market suffer a dramatic downturn. “We did not anticipate the speed of house price falls or the extent of the global and domestic economic slowdown,” said one...
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Why the housing market is currently booming in Barking?

The housing market in Barking is beginning to boom once again. After a number of years of dwindling house prices and a bleak economic outlook, house prices in the UK are on the rise, and that includes Barking.House prices are now more than £24,000 higher than they were at the start of 2013 with the average asking price in the rest of the country going above £250,000. However it’s important to note that despite the rise in prices nationwide and the Barking price rising, the...
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